1. Where is the location of Toshimi?


Jinan, Capital City of Shandong Province, China


2. How to get to Jinan


By air,      


50 minutes from Beijing to Jinan.

1 hour from Seoul, Korea to Jinan.

1.5 hours from Shanghai to Jinan.

2.5 hours from Chengdu to Jinan.

3 hours from Guangzhou / Shenzhen to Jinan.


By express train, 


1 hour and 32 mins from Beijing South Station to Jinan Western Station;

3 hours and 21 mins from Shanghai Hongqiao Station to Jinan Western Station;

2 hours and 22 mins from Qingdao to Jinan


3. How far respectively are from Jinan Airport and Jinan Railway Station to Toshimi

Head Office and Production Base


From Jinan Airport to Toshimi Head Office, 20 mins by car.

to Production Base, 50 mins by car.


From Jinan Railway Station to Head Office, 50 mins by car,

to Production Base, 1.5 hours by car.


4. How many series of outdoor fitness equipments do you have?


Our products of the outdoor fitness equipments have been covered for 9 series, more than 300 models.


WPC CS Series

WPC SS Series

Stainless Steel Series

Moonlight Series

Sunshine Series

Starlight Series

Children Series

Rehabilitation training machines

Combined Apparatus Series


5. What is the featured products of Toshimi Outdoor Exercise Equipments?


WPC series and Stainless Steel Series are our Unique Products.


6. What is the main markets served?


We have exported to more than 30 countries throughout Europe, America, Asia, Middle East, and Africa.  


7. If OEM and ODM orders are accepted as well?




8. What’s the WPC meaning?


WPC is short for Wooden Plastic Composite.


Component: 30% PE plastic, 65% bamboo powder and 5% additive. Much more bamboo powder helps to keep

the materials from deformed.


9. What’s the inner structure of WPC series?


      WPC              WPC                   WPC

Their main posts are made up by outside wooden plastic combined material and inside 3mm square steel tubes.


10.  What are the WPC advantages?


1 - Make the products to be with more stability and more security;

2 - With more artistic outward appearance and more comfort.

3 - No maintenance, no poison materials and can be reused after recycling.

4 - Suitable for any open-air places.

5 - Good charactors of Flexibility, Fire Resistance and Less Water Absorption.

6 - Good weather resistance of aging resistance, ware resistance, corrosion resistance and



11. What certificates has been gotten?


(1) GS certificates issued by TUV on Sep. 24, 2008.

(2) The certificates authorized by National Sports Certificate Center (NSCC).

(3) ISO 9001 International Quality Management System Certification.

(4) ISO 14001 Environment Management System Certification.

(5) GB/T2801 Occupational Health and Safety System Certification.


12.  What is the general overview of the manufacturing processes for outdoor fitness equipments?


Cut pipe --> bend pipe --> shape making --> punched hole --> drill hole --> milling --> welding --> polishing --> shot blasting --> phosphating --> zinc rich primer painting --> powder painting--> baking varnish --> fixing --> packing



13.  How to install the outdoor fitness equipments?


Starlight Series and Stainless Series: direct burial under ground    direct bury


Combined Apparatus Series: by expansion bolts


Others: by anchor       by anchor


14. Which port is the loading port?


Qingdao Port, China.


15. How many equipments can be loaded in a container?


Moonlight Series: around 40 sets per 20'GP, 80 sets per 40'HQ.

Others: around 50 sets per 20'GP, 100-110 sets per 40'HQ.


16.  How long do the outdoor fitness equipments survive without rusty?


We adopt two methods of surface treating:


1 - Remove rust by shot blasting machine, phosphating prior to powder coating through the painting line.


Under this circumstance, the equipments can survive without rust 2 years at least under

humid or near the sea shore, and about 4 years under dry environment.


2 - Remove rust by shot blasting machine, paint anti-corrosive primer, and powder coating through painting line.


Under this circumstance, the equipments can survive without rust 3 years at least under humid

or near the sea shore, and about 4 years under dry environment.


17. How long is the warranty?


5 years for frame;

1 year for bearings, bolts, nuts and other parts;


This warranty does not cover vandalism, misuse, neglect or cosmetic issues such as

scratches, fading, discolorations and normal wear and tear.


Cost of replaced parts: 

(a) When loading container, the factory usually puts in some spare parts free of charge;

(b) During warranty time, the factory will provide replaced parts by free after confirmation;

(c) After warranty, the factory will provide the replaced parts and only charge the parts cost.


Delivery and freight of replaced parts:

These replaced parts are usually shipped together with next order.

If urgently needed, the factory will be responsible for delivery to QINGDAO port.